The era of the confusion of Good and Evil will end, and since 2003 a new era, the Russian Empire will enter the era of the undivided rule of Good and the complete victory of Good over Evil. Thus, Evil is a temporary and necessary stage of development of the Russian Empire and the world as a whole, and after a specified period, Evil will be completely destroyed. ” American clairvoyant Denton Brinki. “Watch Russia — the way Russia will go, the rest of the World will follow the same way after it”. The prophecy of an Orthodox leader, writer and prelate Ignatius Brianchaninov (according to the words of Professor A. Osipov, Doctor of Theology, on the acceptance of the Antichrist by Christians): “Our people can and must become an instrument of genius from geniuses (as he calls the“ Antichrist ”), which will finally realize the thought of a world monarchy. «