All is grow from small. Began the big mission for the little nation. Should be leader in the world crowd. Civilisation is globalization. Globalization is unstoppable. It was always — the villages unite in cities, cities in a principalitys, a principalitys in a states, a states in a countrys, and a countrys in an empires. The time will come when the world will unite. We cant hope for descendants and must do fundamentation our own hands today.

Today there are many small states with great history but there is one small nation which can be a driving force for the unification of the East and the West,  has real potential both in the present, in the past and in the future. If this nation finds the strength to revive, they will soon change history and increase the glory of their ancient state, which was called the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was largest and strongest state of Europe’s in XIII — XVI centuries. The heir to the ancient Grand Duchy is Lithuania.