The basic principle  more than Gravitation, higher than religion, higher science, it is over politics and economics. The basic principle permeates being and itself being. It is invisible because this is a subtle world, a global world such it is our exist. Almost at the same time, maybe only 1/100 of a second later,  basic principle comes with the greatest reality, such as sensual sensation — all what we see, all that we hear, smell, taste and touch. Even our 6th feeling like intuition is not escape too. Now you see some abstract form. Ask yourself question what is the essence of this form?

I will give you a hint — know yourself and you will know the world. Try to ask again!

The answer is simple — it is a thought that, when taking shape, creates consciousness. Yes, the nature of consciousness is wider and deeper, as it has been known since the days of psychoanalysis, but we see all this depth only because it is reflected in itself and becomes a thought. Next, if thoughts receive energy, they gain the power of the idea, and the idea is transformed into notion. This is how we define as consciousness.

There are many religious and scientific approaches to the problem of how the universe works, but they all use the same tool — consciousness. Materialists do not understand idealists; nationalists fight globalists; science versus art and civilization are trying to kill culture. But all these contradictions use the same tool, because there is no other. Thanks to this we have individuality, character and uniqueness, but we are imbued with a single principle — we have an limited objectivity, have an intersubjective consciousness. Intersubjective means that we can understand each other and we are more the same than different. If consider a person from the point of view of the species, then all men are the same for about 99%, and man and woman are the same for 98%.

Let’s not waste time on primitive things and look at a person as the point of his higher ideas. Do you remember which of the ideas is the oldest, the purest and the strongest?…please check yourself…

Of course this is an idea of God. Everyone sees Got in his own way, even the one who denies, paradoxically elevates the highest idea of «God is not» and believes in it as in own God. Against the background of the principles of consciousness, even the main atheists cannot deny higher ideas, even those who want to deny the fact of a higher idea in essence will manifest their highest idea!

Through consciousness, everyone is subordinated to a common total principle called logic. There is only a small group that has a flaw — it is schizophrenics. Detachment from logic leads a person to the absurd. Absurdity is hell already in actual life. Pure logic dictates a clear mind.  The clear and strong mind comes to high idea like a God. It follows that God in form is the highest idea inherent in everyone, and in fact God is the principle of the work of our consciousness. ∑ God is consciousness. More precisely God is the lex (rules) of our consciousness, nothing more and less. This is the basic principle of the human race, who was, exists now and will be forever and ever among all ethnic groups and cultures. For all, for all.

The parts of an isolated brain cannot live fullyship. We as neurons and between the areas of the brain must be unhindered interaction otherwise our potential is limited and development is hampered.
Before God we like a material brain cells, neurons, and our target is to improve the work of consciousness. This is the main reason for united.