Let’s call our ability to correctly perceive the world and our adequacy by the «understanding». The lower level of understanding is feeling, the middle is faith, the highest is knowledge. No matter how much we want to know, we are cannot riach ideal knowlage by definition. The border of logic will not go beyond the horizons of paradoxical meaning. «Never say never» — nothing to add, nothing to give or take out.
Therefore the faith can be a completely unexpected way to continue knowledge. It is believed that religion is an area of ​​faith, but in fact there was a lot of knowledge. Religion is indispensable at the initial stage of the comprehension of God; it is important for the education of young children to show the understandible picture of life.

But religion should no longer occupy leadership positions, temples and churches should be turned into museums and architectural ensembles, priests should cease to live by parasites. They commit sin if they receive donations from those who donate money and shift the burden of their sin to the priest’s soul. Relationship with God is an intimate affair of everyone. They can find employment in teaching, in diplomacy, in psychology, in medicine which like 1000 years ago often continues to heal by placebo effect, museum curators finally. All old religious sects, especially those who have speculated on the name of Christ should falling down. The rest will follow them when their shepherds and adepts look into the eyes of God. They open eyes and will understand what does it means «God inside».