“The word from God to the earth is given, to the Great Slavs It will say everything.
What will be has never been so beautiful, the second century of Saturn is the Golden Age. The creator will see the torment of his people and peace will be made between God and people. Ahead of the beginning of a new era. Before that, there will be great misfortunes, but after that Justice and Good will prevail on Earth. ” Nostradamus speaks about the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, under the sign of which Russia exists, about which the Bible books say “The Kingdom of God on Earth”. The prerequisites of the Golden Age, which will ripen exactly 33 years, is the time between the Birth of Christ and the Resurrection. Prerequisites for the Golden Age arose in Russia at the turn of 2002 and 2003. And from 2014, Russia’s rapid entry into the Golden Age will begin. They will ripen exactly 33 years, and finally the Golden Age in Russia will come in 2035.