The Grand Duchy of Lithuania Rus and Samogitia (lat. Magnus Ducatus Lithuaniae) was established at 1253 by Mindaugas. Mindaugas  name comes from the Lithuanian words mintis (thought) and daug (a lot) and literally means «a lot of thinking».

Grand Duchy of Lithuania was consolidated de facto by Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1315. Gediminas Latin style is as follows: Gedeminne Dei gratia Letwinorum et multorum Ruthenorum rex.

Sunset has comprehended as a result of an attack from the Moscow princedom in 1558. The war lasted more than 10 years, forcing to conclude the Union of Lublin with Poland in 1569. Under this treaty, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was united with the Kingdom of Poland into a single Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Lithuania entered the new Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as an integral part of it.

Výtis (Pogonia) — The coat of arms of Lithuania