God is the principle/lex of consciousness and the principle of consciousness are for us a god because we are consciousness and consciousness has outside principle that we cannot control. The philosophy of idealism is the only reasonable theory because all starts from the thought and ending too. The thought formulating a concept becomes a thought when it is reflected in the inner mirror. Neither the theory of knowledge nor existentialism nor anything else can claim the slightest isolation from thought. It means I exist said Rene Descartes and was right. We can only study them and manipulate them, make changes the states of consciousness.

Plotinus was the first to transfer the term “three incarnations” to the Divine, defining with them the mutual relation of the One, Mind and Soul. When the ancient Christian theologians cognized God, they divided God into 3 guises. When Freud comprehended the construction of personality he divided it into 3 components of the the ego, the it and super-ego. Why these divisions? Because knowledge is inductive and deductive. An example of induction: Newton’s apple, and most of the physical laws derived from observations and experiments.  Know yourself and you will know the world.

For self-knowledge in our social brain should not be a hindrance. This mind will reach freedom, but I would like to do it with my own hands and enjoy this paradise on the Earth.