«The Sleeping Prophet.» Casey said more than once that Russia has a special mission. For example, in the book “Memoirs” the prophet states: “The mission of the Slavic peoples is to change the essence of human relationships, free them from egoism and gross material passions, restore them on a new basis — on love, trust and wisdom. Hope will come from Russia to the world — not from the Communists, not from the Bolsheviks, but from a free Russia! It will not happen soon, it will take years before it happens, but it is the religious development of Russia that will give the world hope. The greatest hopes will be brought to the world by the development of religion in Russia. We must expect the salvation of the world from Russia. ” The author of the New Age movement is Alice Bailey: Russia’s spiritual motto is connecting two paths. Alice Anna Bailey once wrote a lot about our country, about the future of Russia and its all-human mission. In particular, she said: “The mission of Russia was born and nursed (its) advanced idealists in any mode and, when the deadlines are fulfilled, will be revealed in all its strength and glory for the benefit of the whole world …” The spiritual motto of the Russian people: “I connect two paths” . The task of the Russian people is to create a connection between the East and the West. A new magical religion will come from Russia. I mean the emergence of a GREAT SPIRITUAL RELIGION, which will justify the crucifixion of the great Russian people. Russia has been brought into a state of a new nation, which needs to re-create its worldview, life, customs, and image of relations with other nations. Russia is rapidly growing and consolidating and will soon show what the world can give a lot. What revelation will Russia give to the world? His keyword is BROTHERHOOD. This great nation, which is a synthesis of East and West, must learn to govern without cruelty, without suppressing the free will of the individual. Russia of the future will reveal all the good traits of spirituality — and then the world, without any imposition on its part, will learn from its example. «In order for the true and universal religion that the world is waiting for, the teachings of the East and the West should be combined and synthesized on Earth.»